Marianne Williamson for President 2020

Marianne Speaks the Big Truth

I encourage you my friends and family to watch Marianne in the debate. She is smart and full of truth. Contribute to her campaign; it is important now. We need 41,000 more unique contributors by August 28.

Here is the Donation link:

Twitter: @marwilliamson

FaceBook: Marianne Williamson @williamsonmarianne

People you can also text “CONTRIBUTE” to 484848.

#BigTruth at the #DemDebate2 in Detroit #Marianne2020

We Be Together the Video

Be We Together© is a song I just wrote, composed and recorded. I created the video today. The Song is about relationship and how it sometimes is complicated. "Love sometimes loses too. But learning Love's lesson is the best advice I can give you".......

The song is seven minutes, non-stop voice and will be a good song for my music lab. I challenge you to sing it if you are a vocalist. I will put the instrumental up at Reverbnation and Soundcloud as well as Facebook at Justine Weber Wright Band Page with words.

Justine Weber Wright Band